Household Moving Tips

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Household moving in Lagos is never a piece of cake. Regardless of the scale of your move, be it one trip with your friends in your truck, or one requiring a professional moving company in Lagos, things may not always be rosy. Having garnered invaluable experience by executing numerous moving services, we are here to offer some helpful moving tips that will help calm your nerves before and during your move.

Set Aside Ample Time

People tend to underestimate how grueling planning and executing a move may be. Once you have decided you are moving, from the moment you have found that perfect new home, start working towards it. Think of all the paperwork that will be involved, the phone calls to make to friends and family. Picture every possible thing you need to do that involves your move, putting into consideration kids, pets and dependents if any. This gives a firm foundation for the actual work.

Start Packing Today

Tackling the tedious job of packing an entire household is best done by involving the services of a professional moving company in Lagos. The next best way to tackle it is to start packing the day you decide you’re moving. Then pack a box or two every day. This helps to avoid last minute rush, because if you spend the whole night (or nights) before your move in a frenzy of last-minute packing, peace of mind flies out of the window.

Remove Clutter

We’ve all had that old clock or DVD player which brings back fond memories, but we know isn’t of any value again. One advantage of moving is that it avails you of the opportunity to decongest your future home by relieving yourself of these extraneous items. Not only that, it will save you time, energy, and money on your move.

Plan It Out

The more details of your move you have already considered concerning your move, the less you will have occupying your mind on move day. Make a plan for every circumstance/occurrence. Consider where you want your furniture/boxes to wind up. Should they all be kept in one place, or do you want them distributed to the new rooms in which they belong? These seemingly minor questions will feel quite major on move day so you need to consider them beforehand.

Envisage Plan Changes

There’s a saying that “no plan survives contact with reality”. There are numerous aspects of moving in Lagos, and to be honest, some may be out of your control. Changes to the plan are not total derailments from your journey to your new home, but are rather small detours. Don’t let changes get under your skin, but maintain a calm mind, knowing your wonderful new home awaits you. Remain focused on the exciting new chapter being opened in your life. Let’s use this opportunity to reflect on this lovely quote by Robin Sharma, change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.